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Residential care homes offer fantastic support to individuals of all ages and with a range of needs, most commonly used by elderly individuals who may require a little additional support and assistance.

Below are some great advice articles for people who are considering using their services for themselves or a loved one.

If you have any questions please contact us for further advice and guidance.

  • Understanding Care Home Costs

    When it comes to paying for care it is essential to be practical, especially as there is a huge variance between the cost of care between local care homes.

  • Will I need to sell the family home to pay for care?

    Exploring the different scenarios and circumstances which make it necessary to sell the family home in order to fund ongoing care costs.

  • 5 things to consider when choosing a Care Home

    Choosing a care home for a loved one will likely be one of the biggest and most important decisions you will make in your adult life. Read on to find out the 5 key considerations which apply to everyone when choosing a care home.

  • What is the difference between a Care Home & Nursing Home?

    It is not until a relative or loved one needs care that many people discover there is a difference between Care Homes & Nursing Homes! Read on to find out the distinguishes features between residential and nursing care.

  • The Care Landscape - Making Sense of it all!

    Finding care is hard enough without having to learn the language of the social care sector! This simple guide explains whose who and how they are relevant to you in your search for care.

  • Dementia Friendly Days Out

    Spontaneous trips out may be a thing of the past but there are dementia cafes, English Heritage sites and musuems which are making every effort to be dementia-friendly.

  • Care Fees Annuity: Funding long-term care

    Care Annuity's are a type of insurance product; for an initial upfront cost the annuity guarantees to pay out for the ongoing cost of care. Making them most suited to people with long-term healthcare needs.

  • What is respite care?

    If you're a full-time Carer then you may wish to consider 1-2 weeks respite care to provide relief from your care duties.

  • What is Convalescent Care?

    Convalescent Care is a term used to describe the short-term support provided by skilled professionals to individuals who are recovering from an illness, operation or injury.

  • Respite Care

    Being a full-time Carer is far more than just a job; if you're a full-time Carer there is no shame in recognising that you need a break.

  • Why local reputation is your most powerful marketing tool analyses the answers 1,000 care-seekers gave to the question 'how did you hear about us?' and discovers that 36% of enquirers know about the home through local reputation and recommendations.

  • The Limbless Association

    The Limbless Association was established to help pre and post-amputation amputees to overcome the challenges that they face by providing them with information and guidance.

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