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Recent articles

  • Can I Take a Pet into a Care Home?

    Moving into a care facility does not have to mean saying farewell to your beloved pet. There are many care homes which would be delighted to welcome your pet as well as yourself into their home, saving you the heartache of parting ways.

  • Moving into a Care Home Checklist

    Many of us have been through the ordeal of moving house before, but moving into a care home has its own challenges due to the change of lifestyle that comes with it.

  • 'How Do I?' - Make the workplace more accessible?

    'How Do I?' is an innovative digital learning support tool, developed by educational professionals to help people learn skills at work more independently.

  • Respite Care

    Being a full-time Carer is far more than just a job; if you're a full-time Carer there is no shame in recognising that you need a break.

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