What is a Day Centre?

Definition of a Day Centre:

A Day Centre is a service which is provided by Local Authorities, the NHS, or voluntary/private organisations. They are a place where elderly people or people who have learning/physical difficulties can go during the day to socialise with others in a similar situation and take part in activities.

Am I eligible for day care?

Your eligibility for receiving day care will be determined by an assessment which you can request from your Local Council. The assessment will include the following:

  • Needs assessment - This will establish what your individual care and support requirements are, whether you are entitled to any support from your Local Authority. A support plan will be put together for you which you will be able to agree to.
  • Carers assessment - These are available to all Carer's to assess what support may be available to them to help look after both themselves and the person they care for.
  • Financial assessment - This will assess your financial situation and whether you are eligible for funding from your Local Authority to help pay for the day centre.
  • Personal budgets - Your personal budgets to fund your care & support will be discussed. It will be your decision whether you would like to manage your own care or have help from your Local Council.
  • Direct payments - It will be assessed whether your personal budget will allow you to fund your own care services directly.

Day care services are crucial to assist people in maintaining their quality of life within their own community."

Department of Health

What are the benefits of Day Centres?

Day centres are a saviour to many. People who are elderly, physically disabled or have learning difficulties often feel lonely & isolated due to their limitations but day centres offer them a place to go where they can socialise with others in a similar situation to them, whilst receiving the support they need from volunteers and experienced healthcare staff.

For the elderly who are still living in their own homes, a day centre can provide them with support to maintain their independence. As people grow older, inevitably they become not as able as they once were which can be difficult for them to accept. A day centre can provide them with a support network where they can ask for advice from others on how to remain as self sufficient as possible in their old age.

People who have learning difficulties often find tasks more demanding than most people do. Day centres can provide them with useful life skills such as cooking, and cleaning which they can take away and put into practice outside of the day centre. This can help them to feel abler and significantly boost their confidence.

People who are elderly, or have physical difficulties can greatly benefit for assists. Day centres can provide great advice on equipment which can help people with daily tasks; for instance, a chair lift which will transport them the stairs at home.

Day centres will often offer refreshments, and sometimes a meal to their clients. Who doesn't love a cup of tea and a biscuit!

As we all know, exercising is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. To promote healthy living, some day centres may offer gentle exercise to their clients who are able to partake. This could be a nice short walk around the area or even an exercise class. Especially for the elderly, regular exercise can greatly help them maintain their mobility.

To ensure that everyone enjoys their time at the day centre, many organise activities for their clients including arts and crafts, entertainment and sometimes outings. They will try their best to provide a good variety of activities to make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. If there's a particular activity you would like to do, don't be shy to suggest it to the day centre team!

How do I find a day centre near me?

Day centre referrals can be made by several people: the individual themselves, a Carer, friend or family member,  a Social Worker,  Community Nurses, or any other professional. Whoever makes the referral will need to contact the chosen day centre to speak with the Manager and arrange an assessment of the person's needs.

Mirthy is a company specialising in helping people find appropriate day centres in their desired location. Using Mirthy's website, you can search via location which will bring up a selection of day centres and activities in your area. Each service listing on Mirthy contains information about the service including a list of facilities, opening hours and reviews from service-users. This enables you to make an informed decision of which day centre would best suit you or the person you are looking on behalf of. You can enquire about individual day centres directly via Mirthy's website by filling out a contact form, or if you prefer you can give the team a ring to speak with someone directly about a service.

Some care homes also offer a day care service. As part of TrustedCare's service, we can help you find care homes close to you that offer day care. Our team of Care Advisers will be more than happy to put you in touch with these homes to get the ball rolling with you or a loved one starting day care. We are contactable via phone, email or live chat 7 days a week.

What is the cost of day care?

Day centres usually cost around £20 per day but it will very much vary organisation to organisation. You can confirm the cost be with your selected day centre.

Please do bear in mind that the day centres arranged transport may incur an additional charge.

Day centres can immensely improve the quality of life of those who are getting on in years, have learning difficulties or physical difficulties. The social environment and participation in activities can release endorphins (happy feelings!) and prevent feelings of isolation.

Are you looking for care services near you? Please call our Care Advisers for help & guidance.

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