Top 4 Christmas Gifts for People With Dementia

Christmas is a special time for families & friends to get together, celebrate and create happy memories. As the festive season swiftly approaches, it's time to start thinking about Christmas present shopping!

If you're anything like me and love to see a friend or relatives face light up as they open a Christmas present you selected especially for them, this article is for you.

Our gift guide includes 4 great gift ideas for loved ones who are living with dementia!

Top 4 Gifts...

1. Jelly Drops Sweets

Jelly Drops are delicious, fruity water sweets designed with people living with dementia in mind. Each sugar-free sweet is made up of 95% water, helping to supplement water intake. The sweets can be enjoyed by the whole family, making them perfect for passing around at family get-togethers over the festive period!

At TrustedCare, we have had the pleasure of trying Jelly Drops sweets and cannot recommend them enough! We are positive that your loved one will be delighted to receive a tray of Jelly Drops this Christmas.

Key Features

  • Sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-artificial colours
  • Made from 95% water!
  • Special drop shape & smooth texture to make them easy to hold and eat
  • 6 mouthwatering flavours: strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon and lime.

Please note that Jelly Drops are not suitable for people with or suspected of having swallowing difficulties.


"I had some sent to my gran in her care home the other day & I was worried she wouldn't like them because she can be fussy but the home just told me that she loves them & thinks they're sweets! They said she sat with a big smile on her face whilst eating some."

"My grandmother has dementia and fluid intake can be a struggle but she loves sweets! This is a great way of topping up her fluid intake. And more importantly, she enjoys them which gives me great reassurance."


One-off purchase

  • £7.95 per tray + shipping from £3.95
  • £44.95 for value pack (7 trays) + shipping from £6.95


  • FREE tray when you sign up, just pay £3.95 postage
  • £39.90 + £6.95 shipping for 7 trays delivered as frequently as you wish
  • Update/cancel anytime!

2. Joy For All Cats & Puppies, Robopets

RoboPets make a wonderful addition to the lives of older people living with dementia. There is a small range of different coloured cats and dog breeds available meaning that you can choose a Robopet that resembles a pet your loved one perhaps had in their past. The lifelike, furry animals mimic the sounds and movements of real life pets and act as comforting companions for those who may be experiencing loneliness or are unable to take care of a real-life pet themselves. Make your loved ones Christmas extra special by gifting them an adorable, life-like Robopet!

Orange Cat

Key Features

  • VibraPurr technology for purrs that sound and feel realistic
  • Makes authentic noises
  • Lifelike movements including eyes shutting & opening, mouth opening, head moving, body moving.
  • Soft, cuddly fur that doesn't moult everywhere!


"Really good buy for my 100 yr old mother. She loved unwrapping & naming it. She has conversations and brushes the cat every day."

"I love my pet cat. I am over 100 years old and he is great company. Also I am very deaf but I can still 'hear' him purring which is GREAT"


£124 (£117.80 with discount code)

Golden Puppy

Key Features

  • Built-in sensors that respond to motion and touch
  • Golden puppy's heartbeat can be felt
  • Realistic fur, sounds and motions
  • Responds to your voice with BARKBACK technology


"Bought for my 88 year old mum on coming out of Dementia respite care as a companion. She LOVES him. Has named him. Talks to him and cuddles him for HOURS. He brings such heart bursting JOY to"

"I bought the Golden Puppy for my 90 year old mother who is disabled and has the onset of dementia. When she opened the box she cried and couldn't stop stroking and talking to the puppy."


£139 (£132.05 with discount code)

3. Simple Music Player, Koto

The Simple Music Player is a music device that has been designed with those living with dementia in mind. In fact, they have even been curated by the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York as examples of 'excellence in design' as part of their 'Access/Ability' exhibition!

It has been proven that playing music to individuals living with dementia from their younger years notably improves their cognition and lucidity. It is common knowledge amongst dementia specialists that the positive effects of music on those living with dementia is significant.

The simple to use, retro music player could make the perfect Christmas present for a relative living with dementia, particularly if they are a music enthusiast!

Key Features

  • Easy to use - simple controls include lift the lid to play, press the big button to skip and close the lid to stop
  • Retro style - designed to appear familiar to those with dementia
  • Low impact - low energy, maintenance free, easily cleaned and robust
  • Needs to be setup by friends, family or carers who can upload playlists and set the volume


"We have bought the Simple Music Player for our father who has dementia. When he sings along to music we see 'him' again, his stress levels reduce, and he lets go of his anxiety, which causes several 'panic attacks' each day. This wonderful looking retro music player is perfect... We have loaded 1200 of his favourite songs on to it, which will keep him happy and relaxed for hours. Your service was first class... Thank you SO much, from happy children, grandchildren & great grandchildren... & of course our mam. BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT"


£97 (£87.30 with the 10% discount!)

4. All About Us Storytelling Board Game

This Christmas, make memories that last a lifetime with All About Us. This dementia-friendly board game encourages family members to share stories from childhood through adulthood and brings old moments back in an engaging way. Enjoy reminiscing together as laughter fills the air - there's no wrong answer when it comes to this game! It doesn't matter if some questions or decades are hard for one of you; just move on at your own pace and get enjoying those special conversations again while deepening relationships with each other.

Key Features

  • Large cards for easy handling
  • Large counters designed for dexterity difficulties
  • Designed alongside people with dementia and developed by university researchers and professional carers
  • Can be played with 2 or more players


“Very well thought out game, and easy to play with seniors of a variety of backgrounds and education levels. Thank you for creating it!!”

“We recently used this as a tool to communicate with my grandma, she really loved it so we're bringing it around for Christmas this year! An amazing gift!"


£29.99 inc. VAT

£24.99 with VAT Relief (for people with a disability)

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