Top 5 Lockdown Friendly Easter Activities for Care Homes

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, Easter 2020 along with the lead up to it will be very different for us all, including those working and residing in care homes. Being on lockdown sadly means that care homes will not be able to welcome the family members & friends of residents into their home to celebrate Easter weekend as they usually would.

We are great believers of making the best of every situation no matter how dire and believe that there are still ways that care homes can make Easter a special time for their residents, despite being away from loved ones.

5 Lockdown Friendly Easter Activities

1. Easter Bingo

Bingo is one of those fabulously simple activities that can be adapted to different themes, so why not create an Easter edition for your residents!

This activity helps to stimulate older peoples' sight, touch and hearing whilst helping to ease feelings of loneliness which many may be feeling at the moment as a result of social distancing.

A nursing home in Australia has shown how bingo is done whilst social distancing. The home set up tables for their residents in their doorways so that they could have still have some fun & laughter! (see image to the right)

2. Easter Egg Decorating

Easter eggs have been symbolic of Easter of many, many years. They are an ancient symbol of new life and it has been a tradition to decorate them since the 13th century!

There are all kinds of ways that you can decorate hardboiled eggs, from dying, painting, to creating a crotchet case for them! It's an enjoyable activity to get residents into the Easter spirit whilst being able to use their imaginations. Make sure you take a photo of your residents with their creations to send to their families!

Laura Shack from the National Trust demonstrates how to use natural dyes to decorate hard-boiled eggs. (See Video)

3. Sing-Along

We don't know many people who aren't uplifted by a little sing-along!

Whilst musicians aren't able to visit care home's at this current time, those who are able to will likely be more than happy to perform to your residents either from outside of the building or via video call.

The video to the right shows a perfect example of how music can brighten a care home residents' day, even during these uncertain times. Hannah Ciotkowski has been bringing joy to residents at Cedar Lawn Care Home in Stratford-upon-Avon.

4. Handmade Easter Chicks

Another symbol of Easter is the Easter chick which, as well as the egg, symbolises new life.

If you have residents who enjoy needlework, they may like to get creative by making an Easter chick themselves! Arts & crafts are a great way for older people to maintain dexterity in their hands and fingers. Residents' creations would make lovely gifts to their young family members.

The video to the right shows Laura Shack from the National Trust demonstrating how to make Easter chicks from scrap fabric.

5. Easter Quiz

Creating an Easter themed quiz for your residents is both a cost-effective and fun way to keep everyone in good spirits.

Completing a quiz requires a bit of brainpower, helping to keep residents engaged and mentally active during their time in quarantine. Activities that require older people to use their brain are said to help improve mental health.

Due to the social distancing rules, you can be sure that your more mischievous residents won't be able to cheat on the Easter quiz!

We wish you all a lovely Easter weekend, despite the difficult times we are facing at present. Stay safe & well!

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