Surrey Care Association (SCA)

Established in 2005, Surrey Care Association (SCA) is a not for profit company representing all care providers in the county of Surrey and surrounding areas. Since 2014, the association has operated as a member-only organisation.

What does SCA do?

Surrey Care Association provides support and a wealth of information to social care providers in the county of Surrey. Social care providers can fall into the following categories: care homes, domiciliary care agencies, supported living & housing providers. They provide a network for care providers in Surrey where they can communicate and share information.

What are the benefits of being a member of the SCA?

  • Members can post job advertisements on the website; last year job advertisements reached 80,000 people.
  • SCA members receive regular updates of the most recent regulations relating to the care industry meaning they can keep up to speed with what's going on and most importantly that they are fully compliant with any new regulations.
  • SCA acts as a route into the County Council and Clinical Commissioning Groups. This means that members can voice their thoughts/recommendations to the SCA who can then put things forward to the County Council and Clinical Commissioning Groups.
  • All members of the SCA will receive regular communications and newsletters.
  • Networking Meetings are arranged where members are able to network with other members.
  • Members will receive discounted rates for SCA Conferences and workshops.
  • The SCA ensures that they share key business information with all of their members to keep them updated.
  • An enhanced business listing on the SCA site will be granted to members which means that they are more likely to be seen by website viewers leading to raised awareness.
  • A free monthly subscription to Care Management Matters (CMM) comes with becoming a member of the SCA which will contain information relating to people who work in care management.

How does SCA benefit the community?

Peace of mind can be provided by choosing to receive care for yourself or a loved one from a care provider that is a member of the SCA. Before becoming a member of SCA, all care providers go through a strict vetting process to ensure that they are fit to be a member. On-going checks are then made to guarantee that compliance is being consistently met.

The SCA can provide the community with advice and assistance with solving any issues they may have with a member of the association by acting as a mediator.

Being a member of the SCA requires care providers to complete professional training which means that a professional service can be expected of member providers. Providers invest money into becoming a member with the SCA which demonstrates that they are serious about meeting the requirements.

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Important Covid-19 Update

The elderly and frail are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, care providers are putting in place a range of measures to deal with the situation and safeguard those who use their services.

Care homes have mostly cancelled all but essential visits to the home. They are providing telephone-based assessments and placing controls on admissions. Home care & live-in care providers are still delivering care in the community but have a huge demand for support at this time.

All care providers currently have a big work load and may be difficult to reach, please contact the TrustedCare Care Adviser team on 01865 680 331 for further information on services in your local area.

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