Oakhouse Foods' Delivery Boxes for Older People

Are you tired of preparing and cooking your meals every day?

Oakhouse Foods could offer a solution to your predicament! They deliver frozen meals to your doorstep as and when you prefer. The only preparation required is popping the meal in the microwave or oven, making for a quick and easy meal (delicious too!).

Read on to find out more about Oakhouse Foods including their lovely story, how it works and a sneak preview of the meals.

Oakhouse Foods FAQ's

What is Oakhouse Foods' story?

Oakhouse Foods, formally Home Farm Foods, started their journey in 1994 with the ambition to create delicious, nutritious frozen meals that are quick and easy to enjoy at home.

The company prides itself in going the extra mile for their customers and providing a personal experience. They achieve this through their friendly home delivery service where the same local driver with delivering meals to your door, every time!

What are Oakhouse Foods meals like?

Oakhouse Foods' meals are carefully selected with quality and taste being a high priority. The meals are flash-frozen to ensure that all the goodness and flavours are maintained.

Customers of Oakhouse Foods are presented with a selection of over 350 frozen meals and dessert options to choose from, making it impossible to ever grow bored! Within the vast selection of meals, there is something for everyone no matter what their personal preferences are, or how many intolerances they have.

The majority of Oakhouse Foods meals can be cooked in either a microwave and/or an oven to make the process of preparing them as quick and easy as possible.

How does Oakhouse Foods' service work?

1. Browse the selection of meals on Oakhouse Foods' website

Navigate to the 'Go Shopping' tab on Oakhouse Foods' website where you will be able to select a category to browse. Categories include:

Main Meals (all different kinds of cuisine) Breakfast (the most important meal of the day)
Mini Meals (for smaller appetites!) Soups & Light Meals (great for lunches)
Sides (allow you to customise your meals) Easy Order Packs (includes 5 or 7 meals and optional desserts)
Pureed Meals (Suitable for a Level 4 diet) Soft & Bitesized Meals (Suitable for a Level 6 diet)
Minced & Moist Meals (Suitable for a Level 5 diet) Desserts (lots of mouthwatering options!)

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Oakhouse Foods have introduced a new category to their selection, Groceries, where customers can order a limited but growing selection of items such as medication, drinks & household essentials.

The website is very easy to navigate, and the sidebar allows you to filter the results so that you can find what you are looking for more easily.

When browsing the range of meals, you can add any that capture your fancy to your basket by clicking 'Add to bag'.

2. Order

Once you have finished adding meals to your bag, simply navigate to your shopping bag and click 'Proceed to Checkout' where you will be prompted to fill in your details including your email address, delivery address, phone number, delivery instructions, contact preferences, and payment information. You will also be prompted to select a delivery date that suits you.

3. Receive regular, reliable deliveries

Your friendly, local delivery driver will deliver your food package to your doorstep as and when you order them.

4. Quick & easy mealtimes

Once you have received your food deliveries, the next step is to prepare and eat them! Oakhouse Food have tried to make this step as easy as possible for customers. Often all that's required is popping your meal in the microwave/oven!

If you would like to find out more information about Oakhouse Foods, please contact them on 0333 370 6700

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