Four Seasons Health Care Residents Play ‘School Swapsies’ For World Teachers’ Day!

Four Seasons Health Care and brighterkind residents enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with a look back at their school days.

Residents swapped their stories with local schoolchildren and it was fascinating to find out how much has changed over the years.

The homes’ Magic Moments Coordinators helped residents put together wonderful books full of photos and memories of their experiences at school with many remembering that “The teachers were very strict!” The books were sent to local schools so the children could learn more about school life years ago and the pupils replied describing what school is like nowadays.

Image: Campsie View resident, Ruby, loved the school day swapsies activity!

The different generations learnt that today, there are no more subjects just for girls or boys, and classrooms are a lot more comfortable. Gone are the days when being left-handed was seen as a shortcoming and children were forced to write with their right hands. Slate has been swapped for iPads and learning by rote replaced with subjects like computer coding and mindfulness. All pupils past and present said playing with friends was the best part of the school day!

Image: Osbourne Court resident Clifford enjoyed reading the local pupils' school stories!

Desmond Mead, 89, a resident at Osbourne Court Care Home in Baldock, told the pupils: “I had to take a gas mask to school and we spent a lot of time in the air raid shelter where we were given comics to read. There were no school meals in my day so I took jam sandwiches in a tin. There were about 40 children in a class and none of us wore uniform because our parents couldn’t afford it.”

Image: Osbourne Court resident, Helen, with the school swapsies book!

Jean Sherlock, 93, a resident at Alexandra Care Home in Merseyside, said: “All my teachers were very strict and I remember my PE teacher used to wear bloomers for the lessons!”

At Westbury Court Care Home in Wiltshire, residents received postcards from members of their local community sharing their school day stories and reminisced together while enjoying treats from an old-fashioned sweet trolley.

Image: Westbury Court resident, Pauline, enjoying the old fashioned sweet trolly!

Magic Moments Regional Support Manager, Amanda Siviter, said: “Reminiscing about fond memories is important for our well-being as we get older and is a great exercise for our minds. It’s wonderful for our residents to be able to share their life experiences with young people and to learn from them as well.”

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