Have You Heard Of Award Winning Dementia Adventure?

It is estimated that by 2021 there will be 1 million people in the UK living with dementia.

Dementia Adventure is an award-winning evidence-led registered charity committed to helping people living with dementia get outdoors, connect with nature, themselves and their community, and retain a sense of adventure in their lives.

So although there is no current cure for dementia, organisations such as Dementia Adventure are firm in their belief that it is possible to enable people with dementia to live better, ‘adventure-filled’ lives.

Tell me more about Dementia Adventure?

Dementia Adventure (DA), founded in 2009, offers unique breaks for small groups of people with dementia. They are dispelling the myth that a diagnosis of dementia means the end of holidays. Trained Dementia Support Workers offer tailored support to enable people with dementia & their partner/primary Carer to have a well-deserved break. No matter what your dementia care needs, you can be guaranteed a warm welcome and personal care can be arranged if required.

What's a typical group holiday?

At present, all of the group holidays organised by Dementia Adventure are within the UK. Currently, holiday-goers have a choice of the following destinations: Cornwall, Devon, Isle of Wight, Lake District, Maldon, Norfolk, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Wales & Kent.

Depending on your interests, each location offers something different. One of the holiday’s to the Lake District is designed with walkers in mind; holiday goers are given supported access to some of the most famous fells in the Lakes.

For lovers of the seaside then perhaps a trip to Devon or Cornwall would suit you well. If you’re a sailor or just fancy giving it a go then perhaps a barge sailing holiday in Maldon is just what the Dr ordered!

Sometimes all that is required for people living with Dementia is to take a break. When you book with us, we understand and can offer that helping hand. We have a trained team and well-planned itineraries that give both the person with dementia and the carer a proper break.

Lucy Harding, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Dementia Adventure

Is there any other choice of holiday destination?

Yes! Dementia Adventure can support individuals to organise Bespoke Family Holidays. All bespoke holidays are organised under the premise that there are at least 2 people to support the individual living with dementia – one person who knows them well & a member of the DA team.

DA has a 7-seater vehicle with adapted wheelchair access which can be utilised. They are also able to book train and flight tickets for international travel.

How much does it cost?

Typically, the cost of a UK-based group holiday ranges from £520 - £700 per person.

The price paid by holiday-goers covers a third of the holiday programme cost.  Thanks to Players of People's Postcode Lottery, and fundraising, Dementia Adventure can reduce the cost of these life-changing holidays, making them accessible for people who might otherwise not be able to afford them.


“(During the holiday) she woke up to be a real social butterfly, started eating food, sleeping through the night and joining in with activities. I am sure the team wondered what we had been worried about—the lady they saw was very different from the lady who was discharged from hospital a few days before! The transformation over the week was incredible to see.”

From the carer’s point of view, it’s a long term benefit. The DA holiday gave the best of both worlds. I got a holiday, a break and to spend time with the man I wanted to be with.”

“A positive fun time for the Carer and the Person with dementia. Very well-led, and supportive staff who instinctively knew how to cope with our needs.”

To find out more about the wonderful work undertaken by Dementia Adventure, please see: www.dementiadaventure.co.uk. To get in touch with them directly, call: 01245 237548 or email: info@dementiaadventure.co.uk.

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