Trusted'Scare' Partner Care Homes looking 'Spook'tacular this Halloween!

Care home residents and staff celebrated Halloween with lots of themed activities, decorations and fancy dress!

Carry on reading to find out more about what our partners got up to this Halloween... if you dare!

Image: A spooky "Trick or Treat" trolly at Gold Care Homes', Drayton Village

Field House - Barchester Healthcare

Residents and staff at Field House got into the 'spirit' of things by decorating the home and dressing up to greet all the children knocking at the Field House door!  They played pumpkin ping pong for ‘trick or treat’ prizes and enjoyed party snacks courtesy of their talented hospitality team.

The residents loved watching the children have fun playing all the games. Little skeleton-witch; Ruby Lee Wiggan was an absolute star, not only a master of the apple bobbing game, she gave every resident a handmade keychain to make them smile.

Peter the Pumpkin said: “It has been such a fun day. It was wonderful to see everyone go to so much effort to get into the Halloween spirit. I really enjoyed my role and dressing up to surprise the children, so much so I’ve asked if I can be Santa this Christmas.”

Home Manager Paula cackled: “Our staff and residents love any excuse for a party!  The home looks fantastic with all the decorations and our head chef did us proud with lots of spooky treats – we’ve all had a brilliant time.”

Allt Y Mynydd, Meadowview and Broomy Hill - Ashberry Healthcare

A resident at Allt Y Mynydd Nursing Home enjoying some Jack o Lantern Colouring. They were busy decorating the Home with spooktacular crafts and decorations during October!

Residents at Meadowview Care Home had a fang-tastic time decorating their pumpkins for Halloween. They chose their favourite colours to paint their pumpkins, and enjoyed reminiscing about the time when they used to decorate a turnip!

Broomy Hill Nursing Home visited the Badgers Cadets in Hereford. They commented how lovely it was to see what the Cadets get up to on a weekly basis. They did a small performance for the residents as they were working towards their ‘Caring Badge’. After this they helped them create some Halloween decorations which they kindly donated to all the residents at the home!

Broomy Hill Nursing Home also had a 'fang'tastic Halloween-themed flower arranging and crafts activity. The ladies arranged flowers into pumpkins and they turned out lovely, even crafting some spiders to add to the flowers!

Chamberlain Court - Hallmark

Residents and staff at Chamberlain Court had lots of fun on Halloween getting dressed up!

Cedar Lodge - MHA

Staff and Residents at Cedar Lodge had lots of fun getting ideas together to get their Chef dressed up!

Firtree HouseKingsclear and Belmont House - Aria Care

Firtree House residents carved pumpkins and made pumpkin cupcakes from the leftover pumpkin pulp. Firtree House also had an apple bobbing game with a few of the residents, a mini photoshoot in the  'haunted way' and throughout the day did Halloween quizzes, colouring and some games.

Kingsclear residents had lots of fun making pumpkin-inspired lanterns!

Belmont House residents had fun carving pumpkins and dressing up. They were also visited by their local pre-school for trick or treat!

Orchard House - RCH Care Homes

Orchard House invited families and friends of the residents and people in the community to join them. They had some well-dressed children attend to do trick or treating in the home and they each received a hand full of sweets. Staff dressed up and so did residents and their family members. There were so many creative costumes. They also had live entertainment with Karl, and he had everyone singing and dancing in their seats.

Sarah Watson (Home Manager) – Wow! What an amazing atmosphere and turn out of guests. It was enjoyable to see so many having a great time singing and laughing together. I am proud to say that we can deliver fun and enjoyment to all as a team.  Miranda Robinson (Lifestyle Lead) – I had so much fun planning and organising this event for all to enjoy. It was really rewarding to see everyone getting into the spirit of dressing up and having fun. 
Megan summers (team leader) - it was a lovely event and great to see so many of the residents smiling and dancing and just having a good time.
Sam Alderton (team leader) - it was lovely to bring everyone together,  family, friends and residents.
Phyliss Merry (resident) – it was so lovely to see everyone dressed up and they had music that was good to sing along to.
Clare Manning (resident) – I asked if I could have a costume, or a hat and they made sure I had something to wear for the party.
Pamela Francis (resident) – I loved it! And I am so happy I got to wear my Halloween top.

Drayton Village Gold Care Homes

At Drayton Village, residents enjoyed picking out their own pumpkins from their garden and then decorated them, to be displayed around the home.

They hosted a Halloween party with drinks, treats and music. The residents even recreated the “monster mash” dance routine!  Drayton Villages residents and staff had a fabulous time taking part in a photoshoot!

All Drayton Village residents were treated to Trick or Treat goodies such as sweets and chocolate to enjoy for Halloween. Two residents then went out to hand out Halloween treats to people at local businesses in their area!

Alexandra Mill - Anavo

Residents at Alexandra Mill had some spec'dracular' decorations in their home along with a "Trick or Treat" trolly. Staff and residents also got dressed up in Halloween outfits.

Berehill House - Hestia

Residents at Berehill House got dressed up, decorated inside and did some fun Halloween crafts!

Barbara and Beth looking fabulous all dressed up!

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