What is Attendance Allowance?

TrustedCare’s team of friendly Care Advisers are frequently asked questions around the eligibility criteria for claiming Attendance Allowance.

As Attendance Allowance is not means tested there are far more people than realise who are eligible to claim this benefit.

Below we answer all your questions to try and demystify the eligibility criteria for Attendance Allowance.


Who is eligible to claim Attendance Allowance?

UK residents who are of pension age & have had ongoing care needs for at least 6 months. The pension age in the UK will rise to 67 years old by 2028 but is currently 66 years old.

The only exception to this is people who have terminal care needs, they can start claiming attendance allowance immediately.

How are care needs defined when it comes to claiming Attendance Allowance?

Care needs can come in the form of a confirmed illness or disability, such as hearing and visual impairments or dementia.

People with defined care needs typically need support with day-to-day tasks e.g. meal preparation, washing, dressing and or toileting.

Is Attendance Allowance means tested?

No. An individual’s finances are not assessed when determining their eligibility for Attendance Allowance.

Is Attendance Allowance taxed?

No. Attendance Allowance is a tax-free benefit.

What rate is Attendance Allowance paid at?

Attendance Allowance is paid at two weekly rates, depending on your level of care needs.

Weekly rate Level of help you need
£68.10 Frequent help or constant supervision during the day, or supervision at night
£101.75 Help or supervision throughout both day and night or you're terminally ill

If you have any other questions regarding Attendance Allowance our Advisers are on-hand 7-days a week to answer your queries.

What is the definition of ‘frequent help’ during the day/night?

Frequent help during the day is defined as:

  • Support with personal care three times or more a day
  • Someone to check on you continually throughout the day for your own safety i.e. people with severe memory loss related illnesses.

Supervision at night is defined as:

  • Help with personal care for at least 20 minutes or twice during the night
  • Someone to check on you for at least 20 minutes or twice during the night to ensure you are safe

If you are not currently receiving any help you may be deemed eligible to claim Attendance Allowance if you are struggling to cope.

Will claiming Attendance Allowance affect my current benefit entitlement?

No. Claiming Attendance Allowance may make you eligible for additional benefits such as Carer’s Allowance or a reduction to your Council Tax bill.

Can I claim Attendance Allowance when moving into a Care Home?

You will likely be eligible to claim Attendance Allowance when moving into a Care Home if you are privately funding your care.

If your care is being funded by the Local Authority or NHS you will only be able to claim Attendance Allowance for the first 28 days of your stay. If you’re embarking on a local authority funded respite stay which is less than 28 days in length your entitlement to Attendance Allowance will not be affected.

Can I claim Attendance Allowance if I have been awarded Funded Nursing Care (FNC)?

Yes. If you have been awarded FNC you are still eligible for Attendance Allowance if you are privately funding your care.

If your Attendance Allowance is stopped after you begin receiving FNC payments then contact the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). Occasionally FNC payments are confused with Continuing Healthcare (CHC) payments & this results in your Attendance Allowance payments being stopped. Once you have clarified with the DWP that you are in receipt of FNC not CHC  your Attendance Allowance will be reinstated.

How do I claim Attendance Allowance?

You will need to complete a claim form which you can download from: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/attendance-allowance-claim-form

Alternatively you can request a claim form by post by calling: 0800 731 0122

Once you have completed your form you will need to send it to: Freepost DWP Attendance Allowance.

If you have any questions regarding Attendance Allowance that we have failed to answer then please do get in touch! Alternatively, if you would just like to pick our Advisers brains regarding funding for care then please call.

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