6 Best Online Exercise Videos for Over 60's Self Isolating

The Coronavirus lockdown has meant that we have had to adjust our daily routines from the way that we shop through to the ways that we exercise.

Those who are either aged over 70 or have underlying health conditions have been told they must self isolate at home for 12 weeks. For many, the prospect of this is naturally daunting. They may worry that they will become lonely & depressed without social interaction. However, although it may not solve the unfortunate situation, there are things that people who fall within 'vulnerable' categories can do to keep their spirits high and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity has been identified as a key factor in promoting health-related quality of life for older people. The UK Chief Medical Officers have set guidelines for adults to complete at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more.

Whilst you will be unable to attend your regular gym classes, morning swims and day centres during the Coronavirus lockdown, many fitness instructors are posting virtual fitness sessions online which you can complete in the comfort of your home. This will enable you to continue (or start!) meeting your recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, leading to the release of endorphins which are happy hormones and a sense of well-being whilst isolating.

6 Online Exercise Programmes For Seniors

1. The Body Coach TV - 10 minute Home Workout For Seniors

Duration: 10 minutes

Equipment Required: None!

Information: You may have heard of Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach from his healthy recipe books or his fitness videos. He has realised that there are many seniors self-isolating at the moment and has released some workout videos on his Youtube Channel, specifically tailored for older people.

2. Move it or Lose it - Afternoons

Duration: 2o minutes

Equipment Required: A chair & a resistance band

Information: During the Coronavirus outbreak, Move it or Lose it are doing live virtual exercise classes which people can join in with online. The sessions are available both through Facebook, or Youtube. Move it or Lose it are also offering a free COVID-19 support pack for older people which is available via their website.

3. More Life Health Seniors - Core Strengthening Workout

Duration: 15 minutes

Equipment Required: A chair

Information: Mike is a Physiotherapist who uploads regular exercise videos for seniors to his YouTube Channel. This gentle seated exercise routine focuses on strengthening your core. Mike also offers a FREE four-week exercise E-book for seniors on his website!

4. Elderfit UK - Seated and Standing Exercises for Seniors

Duration: 6 minutes

Equipment Required: A chair, resistance band

Information: Elderfit UK specialise in exercise for older people. The aim of their workouts is to reduce falls through strength and balance exercises. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, they have been giving virtual test sessions via their Youtube channel.

5. Joanna Marcinekova - How to Stay Healthy 70+ Workout

Duration: 10 minutes

Equipment Required: Kitchen sink or a sturdy table & two tins to use as weights

Information: Joanna is an exercise physiologist who has made a YouTube video for her Nan and other older people who are unable to get out and about at the moment due to Coronavirus. This video is designed for people who struggle with balance, flexibility and muscle strength.

6. Emily's Chair Based Exercise Classes

Duration: 40 minutes

Equipment Required: A chair

Information: Emily is a qualified chair-based exercise instructor holding live online seated exercise classes every Tuesday & Thursday for older people who are looking to improve their strength and wellbeing.

For a free taster session, let Emily know that you heard about her through TrustedCare. There onwards, classes will be £3 each.

Emily's Contact Details: 07825840239 ; peckhamemily@gmail.com

We hope you all stay safe, well & active during the Coronavirus lockdown!

PLEASE NOTE - This article was published on 31/3/2020

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