5 Father's Day Gift Ideas Older Dad's Will Love!

Father's Day is approaching on Sunday 20th June and will be particularly special for dad's, son's & daughter's who were unable to spend the day together last year due to Covid restrictions.

If you're struggling with ideas of what to gift your older dad, not to worry as we are here to come to your rescue! Whatever your dad's interests, we are sure that there will be something below that will take his fancy.

Top 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas...

1. Book a meal out at his favourite restaurant

Due to many older people being advised to self-isolate last year and restaurants being closed for durations throughout the pandemic, it's likely that your dad has missed getting dressed up in his Sunday best to go out for a meal with the family.

Taking him out for a meal will not only bring some normality back for your dad, but it will also mean he gets a delicious meal cooked for him and that he gets to spend quality time with his family.

We recommend booking well in advance to avoid any disappointment as Father's Day is a very busy day of the year for restaurants and social distancing means they have fewer tables to book! Tripadviser company, TheFork, is a great website to find restaurants near you to book!

2. Bake Dad his favourite sweet treat or if you don't live locally, arrange for a local bakery to deliver something yummy to his address.

Who doesn't love a gooey chocolate brownie or a choc-chip cookie?! You cannot go wrong with baking Dad his favourite guilty pleasure.

If you're not a born-baker, or you simply don't live close-by to your Dad, there are many bakery businesses that offer delivery service, more so since the pandemic. Here are a few national companies that offer this service (we do recommend supporting local bakeries if you can):

3. Get him a bottle of his all-time favourite alcohol

If you're struggling for ideas, we're sure your Dad will appreciate a bottle of his favourite tipple! You could make the gift more personal by ordering a bottle with a personalised design. See our recommendations below:

4. Get him a Historic Newspapers gift

If your Dad is interested in history, he may enjoy a Historic Newspapers gift! See a range of available options available below:

  • Old Newspaper - Enter your Dad's date of birth, select a newspaper which will have been published on his birth date and choose whether you would like any add any extras such as a nice personalised gift box!
  • The Book About You - As the name suggests, this will be a book all about the recipient, your Dad! This book will provide interesting information about your Dad's lifetime such as the greatest invention in the decade he was born to what the no.1 album was!
  • World's Greatest Dad Puzzle Map - If your Dad loves a puzzle, this is the perfect gift for him!  You can choose an address which has significance to your Dad and it will be made into a 400 piece personalised puzzle!

5. A DNA kit

Has your Dad hinted interest in finding out about his origins? If this is the case, he may appreciate a DNA kit which will help to reveal his heritage and connect him with family members, some whom he may not have known he had!

Below, we have listed a number of companies offering DNA kits:

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