The Limbless Association

The Limbless Association was established to help pre and post-amputation amputees to overcome the challenges that they face by providing them with information and guidance to help empower them and their families to promote rehabilitation and recovery.

Following the First World War, during which many servicemen lost limbs, the BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Servicemen’s Association) was formed. In 1983, based upon BLESMA’s decades of experience, the Limbless Association was established; a charity serving civilians of all ages and all walks of life who were living with limb-loss as the result of amputation, trauma, disease, or congenital condition.

Originally based in the Douglas Bader Rehabilitation Centre, Roehampton, the UK’s first prosthetic centre, the Limbless Association offers free information and support services to amputees and their families, meaning that an individual’s treatment is not affected by their ability to pay. The charity is not centrally funded by Lotto, NHS or Government, relying solely on members, friends and private and corporate donors to fund the team of five full-time and two part-time staff.

The Limbless Association provides information and support to all members of the limb-loss community, of all ages. Whether an individual has congenital or acquired limb loss or is about to undergo an amputation, the organisation will assist the amputee and their family and carers through its strong network of members, volunteers and supporters.

Through its membership programme, the Limbless Association provides unity to the amputee community, providing a common voice, promoting rights, services and assistance in a bid to promote the best possible quality of life for all amputees.

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