Did you see the Dementia Choir last night?

On Friday 3rd May, the first topic of conversation between our Care Adviser’s was ‘Did you see the Dementia Choir last night?’

Fast forward to the first day our Adviser’s were back-in after the May Day bank holiday...the topic was back to the Dementia Choir! Needless to say, catch-up TV was not needed for last night’s screening of the choir's first public performance in Nottingham.

Vicky McClure has brought dementia into the hearts and homes of the British Nation - now let's stand as a Nation in the fight against dementia.

Line of Duty actress, Vicky McClure, has succeeded in bringing the stories of people with dementia into the hearts and homes of the British nation. The Choir empowers people with dementia, it is so much more than just singing. It didn’t matter that Julie, a 51 year old Mother of three, couldn’t remember who was present or what was sung at the previous week’s choir practice. She had a physical memory of how much she enjoyed herself which left a lasting smile.

There was 82 year old Betty, loving Grandmother and family matriarch, who may struggle with day-to-day tasks but still remembers the words to all her favourite songs. Mick’s (50) fearless rendition of ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ could teach us all a thing or two about not being afraid to get stuck-in and give things a go.

Then of course there was 31-year old Daniel, a latecomer to the choir. Daniel has a very rare form of Alzheimer’s due to a faulty gene, of which there is a 50:50 chance he will of passed on to his 2-year old twins. Since Daniel’s diagnosis it has been confirmed that his Father’s premature death at the age of 36 can be attributed to this rare form of Alzheimer’s.

The Choir not only shines a light on the individual stories of people with dementia, it shows the immense power of music. Alongside regular singing practice all choir members are committed to being involved in a 5 year study undertaken by University College London. The study aims to establish scientific evidence about the impact music and visual arts has on the brains of people with dementia.

So far this year, TrustedCare's team of specialist Care Adviser's have supported  3,500+ care-seekers in their search for residential, nursing or home care.  A staggering 43% of people supported were looking for dementia care. Every day our Adviser's will speak to people whose lives have been irreversibly changed by dementia.

We want to join the #DementiaRevolution and share the incredible stories of people with dementia. Please send your stories to us and we promise that all stories will be read, shared and remembered.

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