Evening & Weekend Enquiry Handling

Did you know that on average, 30% of calls to care services are missed at the weekend?


TrustedCare Calls provides a solution for care providers who are looking for a specialist care sector call centre to cover their evening & weekend calls.

Often, when Senior and Admin staff are not present, answering calls falls to Nurses & Care Assistants who may be inexperienced at handling new care enquiries or in a rush due to caring for residents. Our Care Adviser Team can handle enquiries on your behalf, offering consistency and a great first impression for care seekers enquiring into your service.

How it works?

Step 1: We will support you to implement telephone IVR's that direct new care enquiries to the TrustedCare Calls Team on evenings and weekends.

Step 2: The TrustedCare Calls Team will act as your outsourced central enquiries team, qualifying all new care enquiries & booking visits/call-backs.

Step 3: TrustedCare Calls will share information on the care seeker with your Manager/Admin during business hours as well as emailing information on the referral immediately.


Step 4: TrustedCare Calls will maintain regular contact with the care seeker, gathering feedback on any visits/assessments.

Step 5: TrustedCare Calls will support the care seeker all the way up until placement or close.


  • Fewer calls missed on evenings and weekends
  • Increased number of care enquiries captured and qualified.
  • Care home team's have more time to focus on the care of existing residents
  • Consistency in how your brand is represented
  • Support from experienced Care Adviser Team with strong care sector knowledge
  • Appointment booking

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Who we work with?

  • Caring Homes
  • Larchwood Care
  • Bupa
  • Home Instead - Senior care
  • Greensleeves Care
  • Barchester - Celebrating life
  • Carebase
  • New Century Care