Care Home Funding - Bridging Loans

Use our free tool below to find out if you are eligible for a bridging loan to help cover care costs. Cras vitae eleifend sem. Nulla pellentesque lectus mi, malesuada pellentesque nulla aliquet sit amet. Nam consectetur turpis ut augue efficitur, sed sodales lacus tempus. Mauris nec ligula dapibus sem consectetur sagittis. Fusce felis nisi, ultrices vel urna et, faucibus eleifend felis. Aenean id pretium velit. Nulla dui mauris, sollicitudin eu lectus et, suscipit dictum purus.

Please answer the following questions
Who is the care for?
In what part of the UK do they live?
Does the person who needs care own their own home?
Is the home jointly owned by a spouse or a close family member?
Does the person who needs care have any other asset of value e.g. classic cars, jewellery, art works or antiques?
Does the property have any outstanding charges (mortgages, debts, drawn down agreement) against it which are greater than 50% of its overall value?

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