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Brighton & Hove City Council - Craven Vale Resource Centre
Craven Road Brighton East Sussex BN2 0FE
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Brighton & Hove City Council - Craven Vale Resource Centre

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Craven Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 0FE


Old Age (65+)
Type of service
Care Home


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21st August 2018 - By Pamela Riche
From NHSChoices
No rating provided

Would never allow our mother back in this place

24th August 2017 - By Max
From NHSChoices

Great staff and well managed

10th November 2016 - By Terry
From NHSChoices
No rating provided

A Wonderful Placw With Caring Supportive Staff

15th August 2016 - By Anonymous
From NHSChoices

Thank you for looking after my Grandad

11th November 2015 - By Son of Ron
From NHSChoices

Care of my father in his last days My father ended up spending the last three months of his life at Craven Vale. He had dementia and prostate cancer which made him progressively weaker and less mobile. Not wanting to go into details my father needed more and more help with his personal care in his later days so he was very dependent on the staff there. I and my family were very happy with the care that he received. He was looked after by an excellent team of experienced staff who were professional and caring in the way that they looked after him. My father could be a stroppy character at times but despite that the staff built up a good and warm relationship with him which really counted towards his quality of life in those dark days. The standing staff were backed up by a floating staff of agency people who weren't bad and did their best. It wasn't all roses; sometimes the staff were a bit pushed and he had to wait for someone but in my experience of visiting him almost daily for 3 months it was never excessive or amounting to neglect. The other thing was that because of some bizarre Kafkaesque NHS/Soc services patient classification the nurses on site weren't able to tend to my father so he had to rely on community nurses coming in. The same wasn't true of the nursing support for people coming in short term for rehab. I've seen a negative review but from my experience I'd say it's evidence of a glitch rather than anything systemic. Yes, ideally, they could have done with more staff and some of the agency staff were less experienced but the place achieves what it tries to do. A friend of my father was there months before and people around her said they were very happy with the care she received. It's also worth mentioning the food which was good, very edible and prepared on site ( unlike the mangled trucked in offerings at the Royal Sussex). Oh, and the lovely courtyard garden where my father spent some happy times in the sun.

24th August 2015 - By Anonymous
From NHSChoices
No rating provided

Poor I came to visit my grandad who was brought in from home, after being there not even 3 hours he was left with out a call bell they had given him his one from home that was not working he was trying to press it for help for the toilet but no one came he was soaking wet in his bed when I had found a member of staff they wasn't helpful had no wipes to wash him with, he was unable to eat was left with sandwich s no water was in his cup I had to give him water and feed him a yogurt, very dirty could do with cleaners staff very unfriendly a lot to say about this place after just being there not even a hour poor rehab centre

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