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Arshad Mahmood - 112-114 Carlton Road
Small Heath Birmingham West Midlands B9 5EA
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Arshad Mahmood - 112-114 Carlton Road

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Small Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands, B9 5EA


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4th March 2015 - By rose
From NHSChoices

Care home feedback I came to visit a relative with my mother at this care home with a notion of thinking it will be a very hospitalised kind of setting and the typical feeling which only best to describe is like a visit to the dentist excruciating feeling of being there. Till we were invited into a place which smelled pleasant and welcomed by staff whom were only too pleased to help I looked around and the residents there were actually happy, we talked too the carer and she showed us activities done by residents which was great to see and only at that moment i realised how easy it was to be judgemental and how little we appreciate places like 112-114. we could not have found a better home for our cousin so thank you too all the staff there you are doing an amazing job..

27th February 2015 - By Tony
From NHSChoices

Two words describe this establishment 'Care' and 'Home' It's a shame that in the modern age, the notion of care homes has often come to mean huge, impersonal buildings where people are treated like items of machinery rather than individuals. In the case of Carlton Road, I'm glad to say a much more personal touch is on offer. When a dear friend of mine was moved here many years ago I was struck by two important things - the staff not only care, but treat their small amount of residents like an extended family. They place a huge importance on the emotional well being of their residents and don't just do the obligatory outings offered by many homes, but ensure that each of the residents get plenty of fresh air and visits out, throughout the year. To be honest, in comparison to the various care homes I have visited, Carlton Road is one of a kind. The two words 'care' and 'home' often feel like a million miles away in certain establishments, whereas Carlton Road they seem absolutely fitting.

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