Join us in saying a massive thank you to all the Carers, Nurses, Social Workers and Care Managers working throughout the UK to keep our loved ones safe.

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Add Message of Thanks to your website

Help us spread the words of thanks by adding the Message of Thanks widget to your website

We've created a widget so that you can display recent messages of thanks on your website and if you're a care provider you can choose to show messages of thanks for your service and/or home.

The widget's appearance

The widget can be added in wide or narrow format. Both formats present 9 recent messages of thanks which can be scrolled through by visitors to your site. If you opt to include messages for a specific service or home then only messages for the service or home will be displayed.

The widget is designed and tested for use with modern browsers. Please note that we do not test or attempt to support IE11.

Wide format

There is no default maximum width for the wide format widget (it will fill its container), the default height is 320 pixels. The wide format will responsively shrink to a minimum width of 320 pixels. You can safely increase the maximum width using local styles.

Narrow format

The default size of the narrow widget is 320 x 580 pixels.  You can safely increase the height using local styles.

Adding the widget to your site

To add the widget to your website you need to include the following HTML:

<div id="mot-widget" class="mot-widget  mot-widget--wide"></div>
<script src="" defer></script>

The div element with the Id mot-widget will contain the message of thanks widget. The script tag can be added anywhere within your HTML so long as it is after the div element with the Id mot-widget.

To switch the format of the widget from wide to narrow, change the mot-widget--wide CSS class modifier against the div element to --narrowe.g:

<div id="mot-widget" class="mot-widget  mot-widget--narrow"></div>

To include messages for your service or home please contact us at to obtain a unique Id. Please provide us with your service/home name, address and ideally CQC number to help us identify you.

We'll respond with a unique Id which you will need to include as a parameter in the script src URL, for example for a home the parameter will be location:

<script src="{...}/embed-widget.js?location=5c4429f7d05e0266d80f0bf2" defer></script>

For a service the parameter will be group:

<script src="{...}/embed-widget.js?group=5c43cfb1d05e02646258573c" defer></script>

I’d like to show Messages of Thanks on my website

Please please do. If you’re a UK care provider and you’d like to show the messages of thanks you receive on your website and in turn help us promote our message you can easily add the Message of Thanks widget to your website.