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Celebrating the Positivity of Pets - #NatPetMonthUK

Published on 4th April 2018

As a nation of animal lovers and as it’s National Pet Month in the UK, here at we thought we’d take a look at how our passion for pets can continue with a move into a residential care setting.

Moving into a residential care home doesn’t mean you have to stop being a pet lover or even being a pet owner! TrustedCare has supported numerous care-seekers in finding ‘pet-friendly’ homes so their animals can make the move with them. Outstanding care home Mildenhall Lodge have adopted Sinbad, after residents voted to have a pet in the home. Sinbad plays a very important role in the home as ‘Canine Relations Manager’!

One resident of Mildenhall Lodge said ‘I love having Sinbad here, he reminds me of my last pet although my dog was a bit smaller and not so well behaved. When I feel well enough I sometimes accompany the team to exercise Sinbad, which I really enjoy.’

A care worker added ‘It’s astonishing how Sinbad makes people light up. One resident who doesn’t like to leave their room very much, will come downstairs specifically to have a cuddle with Sinbad. The dog even has his own care plan for worming and flea treatments!”

Dogs are widely reported as man’s best friend but here are just a few of the benefits of regular interaction with animals for elderly people:

- Petting an animal provides instant relaxation

- Decreases feelings of isolation and lifts spirits

- Increases socialisation and sense of community

- Provides motivation to move more and stretch further 

- Maintains or increases motor skills

Looking for a visit from a friendly feline or cute canine?

Pets as Therapy (PAT) has an army of dedicated volunteers who share their time and pets with thousands of people in England a week since their founding in 1983, including regular visits to care homes, hospitals and day centres.

If you would like to request a PAT visit then you can do so here.

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