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Inspirational Oldies: 94 year old judo teacher

Published on 10th April 2018

Jack Hearn 94 year old judo teacher

'Enjoy your life, make sure that every moment that you're here you are doing something which is useful to yourself and to your fellow men.'

If you consider yourself too old to take up a new hobby then perhaps Jack Hearn can inspire you. At 94 years of age he is an avid judo practitioner. He started as a beginner in 1951 and has now been practicing judo for 67 years. 

Jack has been teaching judo for so long that he has sixty year olds coming up to him in the street asking if he remembers teaching them! It is with pride that Jack is now teaching his third generation of students the art of judo. 

Still a student himself, Jack took his 9th dan in 2010 and is needing to wait a full 10 years before he can take his 10th dan in 2020.  This would be an incredible achievement as only 5 living people currently hold a 10th dan in judo. 

Jack sees judo as a way of life, he believes the most important thing students of judo learn is respect. Respect for their teacher and respect for the person they are throwing around. The only thing that will make Jack give up his beloved judo is 'when they put the last nail down on the box.'

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