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Inspirational Oldies: Flo Meiler, 83-year-old pole vaulter!

Published on 5th February 2018

Flo Meiler, born 1st of June 1934, spent last summer competing in America’s National Senior Games, Vermont. You would think that having one track and field discipline would be enough but Flo competed in 11 track and field events throughout the 5 day competition.

Flo picked up three gold medals in high jump, pole vault and triple jump and she won six silver medals in hammer throw, long jump, 50m run, 100m run, 200m run and discus. Not to mention the two fourth places she picked up in shot-put and javelin.

Meiler said she was ‘very pleased with my performance, I don’t think there was too many people there that did all the events that I did.”

Although Meiler only started competing in athletics in her senior years, she is no stranger to competitive sport. Meiler played tennis her entire life competing in the singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

It was whilst representing America in the Senior Olympics that Meiler’s now training partner, Barbara Jordan, came over and said ‘we need people in track and field desperately and I think you would be good at it. When you’re done with tennis, come over and try the long jump.’ So that’s just what Meiler did and she fell in love with it!

Aged 83 Flo Meiler is a wife, friend, grandmother, great grandmother and above all else a dedicated athlete!

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