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Home Care Services in the South West outperforming Residential and Nursing Homes

Published on 28th February 2018

Comparison of the latest care quality data for care services in the South West of England gives invaluable insight into the current picture of care in the county. Of the 7 counties in the region only 1 falls into the top third of England’s 47 counties for residential and nursing care. Whereas 3 of the counties in the South West fall into the top third of the league table for home care.

TrustedCare’s Care Quality League Table takes the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection data for care services and ranks counties based on the percentage of services within the county receiving a good or outstanding rating. There are 47 counties in England, the top third of the table comprises of position 1-16, positions 17-32 fall into the middle third and any counties taking spot 33-47 fall into the bottom third of the table.

Home care services in the county have far out performed residential and nursing care services. Cornwall, Devon and Gloucestershire all fall into the top third of England’s counties for home care. Further to this, over 90% of home care services within these three counties have a CQC rating of Good or Outstanding.

It’s not all bad news for the South West’s other counties, Dorset is the only county that features in the top third of England’s counties for residential and nursing care. Having taken a very respectable 6th place for nursing care and 8th for residential care. Unfortunately for people living in Wiltshire they have come out bottom in the South-West for home care, residential and nursing care.

What does this mean for people looking for care in the South-West of England? TrustedCare supports hundreds of care-seekers a month in finding care for themselves or a loved one and the most often used phrase by our Advisers is ‘we highly recommend visiting multiple services before coming to a decision.’ With regards home care, Managers of services will happily come to prospect service-users homes to introduce themselves and do a care-needs assessment without any obligations. Although the CQC report gives valuable information about the snapshot of time when the CQC Inspectors visited individual services it does not give the full picture. The deciding factor for care-seekers TrustedCare has supported is almost always based on first impressions of the home on the initial visit.

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