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Lady gives up her house to be a Respite & Day Centre after the passing of daughter with rare genetic condition

Published on 13th November 2017

In an extraordinary act of selflessness, Jacqui Lowe, has given up her house and moved into her garage so that it can be turned into a permanent Respite and Day Centre for people with disabilities and life-threatening conditions. Jacqui’s respite service will be called Trusted Breaks, a registered charity which is due to start operations next year.

Sadly, Jacqui’s daughter, Charley died last year, aged 20 of Edward’s Syndrome:

‘After the passing of my daughter I soon discovered my purpose in life is to continue with the delivery of excellent care standards to the most vulnerable people in our society by making a difference in the way care is delivered which will benefit the quality of life for service users and their families.’

The inspiration for Trusted Breaks came from a visit made by Charley and her mum to Give Kids the World village in Orlando, Florida, which was started by an Auschwitz Holocaust survivor, Henri Landworth.

“In 2013 we went on a Virgin flight from London with 20 families who all had someone with a life-threatening condition,” explained Lowe. ‘‘We all got there safe and we all got back safely from the the most incredible place I have ever been.”

Jacqui is appealing for sponsors and backers for her ambitious project, including help and support setting up a website for the charity. She said: “We have a two-bedroom facility which is almost completely ready to take clients into our care packages, including hoists, wheelchair access and wet room.” Lowe, 52, has already had more than 300 referrals from various parts of Scotland and England and is keen to get started, but realises that there are a lot of legal and regulatory hurdles to be overcome before Trusted Breaks can start its work.

To support Trusted Breaks go to their Twitter page @TrustedBreaks.

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