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The 7 different lifestyles of a Dutch Dementia Care Village

Published on 29th November 2017

At first glance, Hogeway Dutch Care Village appears to be just a normal village. The homes are furnished to individual’s tastes, there is a shop, restaurant, cinema, hair salon and people move freely around the village. However, there is one major distinction from every other village, all of the residents have a severe form of dementia.

Hogeway Dementia Care Village

Hogeway is in fact a model village with only one door, both in and out which is constantly monitored. Within the village residents can move freely and retain an autonomous lifestyle. All the businesses within the village are trained in how best to support people with dementia, for example, there are no prices on goods in the supermarket and no money is ever exchanged.

Most interestingly, there are 23 homes within the village, supporting 152 dementia sufferers. Residents are profiled to see which of the seven different lifestyles supported they best fit into: upper class, homey, christian, artisan, indonesian and cultural. For example, former tradesmen such as carpenters are profiled as ‘artisan’ and the main features and furniture of their home is handmade from natural products.

Life goes on as normal within the homes with daily activities such as washing, cooking and cleaning being done by the residents. The residents are supported by care-workers but to the outside eye it is difficult to tell who the care-workers are as they dress in regular clothes.

Hogeway claims that this model of caring for people with dementia has reduced the need for medication as residents are a lot less agitated. Showing that the right environment is so crucial for the successful care of people with dementia.

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