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Membership explained

The possible care provider membership levels

Descriptions of the possible membership status levels on

Not a member

Non-members have their basic service details shown for free on TrustedCare, and so their profiles are limited compared to paying members. Description, map, gallery, reviews, vacant beds and other details are not displayed, and it is not possible to leave an enquiry or review for a non-member care provider, therefore the quality of service experienced will be difficult to predict.

New member

All care service providers who have paid to become a member of will be listed as a New member on their advert pages for the first twelve months. This is simply to indicate why there may be a limited number of reviews displayed, as these will build up over time, and to show that the provider is still developing their standing on the website.

These points should therefore be kept in mind when viewing the profile of a New member, though if they appear to meet your requirements there is no reason not to choose a newer member of TrustedCare over one with more reviews etc.


Care service providers listed as a Member on their TrustedCare advert profile pages have been on the website for more than twelve months. This means that they will generally have more reviews and other material than others to represent the quality of their services.