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8. Care Assessment

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This article is designed to help explain the process of going into care and the various different steps to be taken throughout the process.

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What information you may need to get assessed

In order to qualify for support, the local council are looking for evidence that the person you care for has ‘eligible’ needs. The three key questions they look to answer are:

1. Does the person you look after have care and support needs as a result of a physical or mental condition?

2. Due to care and support needs is the person you look after unable to achieve or meet two or more desired goals or outcomes?

3. Is there, or is their likely to be a significant impact on the person’s well-being?

If there is clear evidence which shows that the answers to the above questions is ‘yes’ then the person you care for will have eligible needs for care and support.

To be properly prepared for a care assessment, you will need to make sure you have the following information:

• A medical needs report from the GP of the person you, usually this is sent directly from your GP to the Adult Services department of your local authority

As part of the assessment the claimant’s personal finances will be assessed to check whether the Local Authority needs to fund all or part of their care needs. You will need to have the following information available:

• Bank and building society statements

• Savings details

• Details of bonds, stocks, shares and any other financial products owned

• Pension entitlements

• Details of property you own and its current market value