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8. Care Assessment

Help & advice

This article is designed to help explain the process of going into care and the various different steps to be taken throughout the process.

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How you get assessed

The assessment will usually involve a home visit and perhaps a talk with your GP. The assessor, normally a social worker or trained professional, will then draw up a report on your care needs and the type of care that would best suit you. This includes any specialist requirements relating to health issues, dietary requirements and religious beliefs.

If the person who looks after you is willing, they can conduct a self-assessment. Your local council will support the person who looks after you to do this; both the council and your care-giver have a duty to ensure that your wishes and needs are heard. However, the most common place for a Care Needs Assessment to take place is in the persons own home.

All further discussions about care and funding will be based on these ‘assessed needs’. It is useful to have a family member or close friend present during these discussions.