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7. Benefit Entitlements

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This category covers the different benefits which a person who is in care may be entitled to.

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Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit designed to help with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or a disability if you’re aged 16 to 64. Payments for PIP vary from £21.80 to £139.75 a week.

PIP is fully replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA), do not worry, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will write to inform you when your DLA is coming to an end and invite you to apply for PIP.

As with DLA, payments for PIP are split into two components, a daily living component and a mobility component. There are two rates of pay for each component, standard and enhanced. For the daily living component, the standard rate of pay is £55.10 a week and the enhanced rate of pay is £82.30. The standard rate of pay for the mobility component is £21.80 a week and the enhanced rate of pay is £57.45. Whether you receive one or both of these components depends on how your disability affects you.

You will need to undergo an assessment to ascertain your eligibility for PIP. If you are successful in your application PIP payments will go straight into your bank account.

To make a PIP claim then you will need to ring the Department of Work and Pensions on: 0800 917 2222.

You can read further information regarding PIP via: