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7. Benefit Entitlements

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This category covers the different benefits which a person who is in care may be entitled to.

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Attendance Allowance

If you require assistance with personal care, are aged over 65, then you might be eligible for Attendance Allowance.

This benefit is paid at 2 weekly rates, the lower rate of £55.10 a week is for people who need frequent help or constant supervision during the day or night. The higher rate of £82.30 is for people who need help through both the day and night or for those who are terminally ill.

A change in circumstances will affect your eligibility for Attendance Allowance, including whether you should receive the lower or higher rate. If your condition changes, you go into hospital, go abroad for more than 13 weeks or are imprisoned then you will need to inform the Attendance Allowance helpline on: 0345 605 6055.

If you receive Attendance Allowance you could be eligible to receive extra Pension Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction. In order to check your eligibility, check with the relevant department at your local council who are dealing with your benefit claim.

Some people are asked to attend an assessment to check their eligibility to receive Attendance Allowance. If so, you will be sent a letter explaining why and where you should go. Remember to take identification to your assessment, any of the following documents will suffice: passport, birth certificate, a full driving licence, life assurance policy or bank statements.

For further information on Attendance Allowance then please see: