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5. Useful Nursing Homes Information

Help & advice

This category gives useful information on nursing homes, including how to choose the right nursing home and funding options.

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Making the move: addressing the barriers to going into a nursing home

Making the decision to move into a nursing home can offer a new lease of life and positive change for everyone involved. It can be difficult to accept that things are changing, that someone you care about is getting older and may need more help than they like to acknowledge. Finding a nursing home that meets their needs will give you peace of mind and allow them to enjoy a better quality of life, free from the anxieties of coping day-to-day.

The thought of moving into a nursing home can be daunting, so it’s important that you take the time considering your options and talking about fears and concerns. Here we take a look at some of the key concerns and fears of elderly people and their loved ones when making the decision about moving into a nursing home, and offer some helpful advice about how you can understand their concerns and alleviate their anxiety.

Becoming a Burden

One of the main concerns of elderly people considering moving into a nursing home is that they have become a burden on their relatives. This, of course, is usually very far from the truth, but trying to tell someone that can be difficult. Usually, families start to consider nursing homes for their loved one because they want to help improve their quality of life and are concerned for their safety and well-being at home. Try pointing out the positive aspects that will alleviate physical and practical demands on your loved one, such as maintaining property, looking after pets, shopping and cooking. Without these concerns, your loved one will be able to enjoy life in the companionship of others. Emphasise that, whilst you and your relatives are happy to help, you feel that a loved one will be better cared for, safer, happier and healthier, if you a nursing home that suits your needs.

Loss of Independence and Identity

For many elderly people considering going into a nursing home, the loss of independence is the most salient fear, and justifiably so; after living independently for so long, the thought of losing the right to make decisions for themselves must be terrifying. However, whilst moving into a nursing home, like any home move, will involve a certain element of change, it doesn’t have to mean the loss of choices.

Two of the categories on which Trusted Care’s independent reviewers rate their nursing homes are choices and independence. Many nursing homes give services users a huge amount of independence, offering a wide range of choices and activities to accommodate different needs. From activity classes, to IT access, beautiful gardens, restaurants, and a range of daytrips, you can choose a nursing home that allows the person you love to continue to do the things that they love, in a safe, secure environment.

A nursing home doesn’t have to be a place where elderly people or those with dementia go to fade away. They can be an opportunity for someone you love to spend their time enjoying the things they love doing, without the ever-increasing demands of day-to-day needs. By understanding and addressing the concerns of a loved one, you will be able to break down the barriers of going to a residential nursing home and find a nursing home that will enable them to live happily and healthily.

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