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5. Useful Nursing Homes Information

Help & advice

This category gives useful information on nursing homes, including how to choose the right nursing home and funding options.

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Finding your dream nursing home

Choosing the right nursing home can be daunting and stressful. With so many nursing homes to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Before you even start looking for a nursing home near you, sit down with those closest to you, make yourselves comfortable, and make your wish list; a list of everything that your ideal nursing home must, should and could have.

There are some things that are non-negotiable when it comes to choosing a nursing home. These should be the things that you write down first. Even if they seem glaringly obvious, it is worth bringing them up and discussing them; you may be surprised at how your ideas and those of your loved ones differ.


Are there specific care needs that ought to be met by specialists? For example:

• Alzheimer’s specialisms

• Experience with Cancer patients

• Experience with caring for people with physical disabilities

• Wheelchair accessibility

• Can you easily move from room to room?


You may want to stay in the same area, so that you are in familiar surroundings. If family members live further afield, you may want to look for nursing homes that are easily accessible to them so that they can visit more often.

After some discussion, you may come up with a few areas that could be considered. In this instance, list the areas and key criteria, such as:

• Parking

• proximity to public transport

• distance from friends/ relatives/ local church

Individual needs

It is up to you to discuss these and decide, whether, you must, should, or could have them. Here, you can let your imagination run wild! Have fun, and write a list of the expected and the unexpected, before placing them into one of the three categories. These things can include:

• En suite bathrooms

• Gymnasium

• Facility to have pets

• Ability to do your own cooking

• A garden

• Exercise classes

• Ability to bring your own furniture

• Dancing lessons

• IT facilities

• Proximity to facilities, e.g. pub, restaurants, parks, shops

• Lifts or stair lifts

• Health support (e.g. visiting opticians, audiologists, physiotherapists)

• Alternative therapists

• Restaurant

• Bar

• Regular day trips

• Clubs and activities

• Quiet Lounge

• TV Lounge

• Private treatment rooms

• Are you able to control the temperature of the room yourself?

This list really is exhaustive, but it will enable you to see what elements you really do value and which facilities you could do without. Creating this list also allows you to talk openly about your choices in a fun, low pressure way. You are not, after all, deciding once and for all which nursing home you will choose, or if you will, in fact, move into a care home at all; merely creating a wish list of your ideal nursing home.

If you would like help finding a nursing home in your area that is right for you, please contact us and our dedicated team will do their best to help you.