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2. Funding for Care

Help & advice

Concerned about how to fund the care of a loved one? Confused by the funding process? This category contains articles and advice on care funding.

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Nursing Home Costs

Nursing Home fees are significantly higher than those of a residential care home. The reason for this is the higher level of training necessary for the staff and the necessity of having qualified nurses on staff. The needs of the residents in nursing homes are often more complex and require more time and attention from the staff leading to higher fees overall.

The more complex the requirements of the resident, typically the higher the cost of accommodation, it is not uncommon to find fees in excess of £900 a week for nursing home care.

       This table demonstrates the average cost of Nursing Home fees across the UK in 2015/16
    Region                                 Nursing Home Fees Per Year
North East £28,525
North West £30,472
Yorkshire & Humber £31,634
East Midlands £29,243
West Midlands £35,984
South West £37,836
East of England £38,207
South East £42,917