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2. Funding for Care

Help & advice

Concerned about how to fund the care of a loved one? Confused by the funding process? This category contains articles and advice on care funding.

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Home Care Costs

Home care costs vary depending on the specific requirements of the individual who requires assistance and where in the country they are located.

Most home care providers operate 15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour calls to the clients’ house depending on their individual circumstance. Prices can vary depending on the amount of hours which the individual needs and at what times of the day and week the visits take place; typically costs rise in the evenings, weekends and over bank holidays.

Another factor which affects the costs of home care is the location of the individual within the UK; there are significant variations in the cost of care as demonstrated in the table below.

The average cost of an independent home care providers for 2015/16
Region Cost per hour
North East £12.77
North West £14.18
Yorkshire and the Humber £13.96
East Midlands             £13.68
West Midlands £14.65
South West £16.26
East of England £15.97
South East £16.24