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Protecting your loved ones in care: would you hide a surveillance camera for your peace of mind?

Published on 5th October 2017

Pedro Dias, 21 and Piotre Ciecelowski, 26, were both sentenced to a 9 month suspended prison sentence and a £250 fine at Chester Crown Court after pleading guilty to abusing a resident in their care. The fine is to be paid to the resident, a 95 year old blind woman. Can this meagre fine really be justice as the combined amount wouldn’t even cover the cost of her ‘care’ for a week?

The case was brought by Lynne Nuttal, the resident’s daughter after she captured evidence of her Mother - Marjorie’s, abuse by hiding a surveillance camera in her room. The video footage shows Marjorie being both physically and verbally abused by Mr Dias, whilst Mr Ciecelowski looks on and laughs.

Dias: ‘Shut the f*** up Marjorie, before I break every f***ing bone in your body’...

Marjorie: ‘Please God help me’

*Marjorie is slapped across the face by Dias*

Dias: ‘You stop it or I’ll drag you by your neck to your bed. I’ll f***ing kill you if you don’t stay quiet, come here.’

Dias puts some of the blame on his employer, Prestbury House Care Home, which the CQC have now rated as inadequate as a result of Dias’ and Ciecelowski’s actions. Prestbury House strongly refute Dias’ claims that he had raised concerns about stress, staffing levels and the management.

It could be argued that the biggest crime is the leniency of the Judge’s sentence. Time and time again camera’s hidden by relatives reveal the trauma suffered by their loved ones at the hands of their Carer’s. Is a suspended prison sentence and measly fine enough to act as a deterrent to people who are not even slightly suited to the caring profession?

The actions of the few, completely undermine the thousands of wonderful care workers across the country. Are hidden camera’s the only way to capture what really happens inside care services?

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