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TrustedCare industry analysis featured on BBC South Today

Published on 9th August 2017

On Monday 7th August, BBC South Today shared the news with their viewers that care homes in Oxfordshire are the most expensive in the country, with care-seekers in the county paying £954.58 a week for residential care. 

TrustedCare BBC South Today

Mark Walford, CEO & Founder of TrustedCare an online directory and care referral website, spoke to BBC journalist Sarah Lowden Jones about the company's bi-annual quality and cost of care analysis. He stated that in order to rank counties in England by care quality the latest CQC data on residential, nursing and home care services in each county is analysed in real-time. In order to rank counties in England by the cost of care the following is taken into account: 

  • Cost of the care packages of people TrustedCare have supported in finding full-time care
  • Cost of care services provided by members of TrustedCare's online care directory 
  • An in-depth 'mystery shop' of care services in each county

TrustedCare's data revealed that Lancashire is the cheapest county in England to receive care at £531.27 a week. This means that care-seekers in Oxfordshire are paying over £22,000 more a year than care-seekers in Lancashire. With Oxfordshire also considered the most expensive place in England for housing, perhaps it is hardly surprising that the cost of care is so high.

Penny Thewlis, CEO of Age UK Oxfordshire made the following comment: 

'The people who will struggle the most are those with a moderate income and those with moderate savings - the squeezed middle. These are the people we are most worried about in relation to care costs.'

However, there is some good news for people living in Oxfordshire  as the quality of care in the county has significantly improved. Eighteen months ago the county was 45th out of 47 counties for care quality, now they are ranked 10th. 

To look at a breakdown of the quality and cost of care across all of England's counties see TrustedCare's Care Map.  

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